Are ankle boots trending?

Every Autumn we need to make the switch from our flowery, breezy, light Summer wardrobe to our comfy, cozy warm Winter wardrobe and to a lot of us that place a lot of importance on fashion, that kind of stuff worries us a lot. Will the things I wore last year still be in fashion? How do I stay comfortable yet stylish in Winter when Winter clothes are much more about practicality than about fashion? “Is my sweater still stylish ?” “Are womens ankle boots as FSW shoes trending ?”

Well, you will be very relieved to find out that since Winter clothing is much more about practicality and warmth than it is about fashion… things don’t go out of fashion as quick. So yes, that sweater is probably still fashionable and yes, ankle boots are trendy pretty much every year, so don’t worry about it: dress for warmth, dress for comfort and rest assured that if you find a Winter parka that you love and is high quality, it will still look fashionable two, three or even ten years from now on, so feel free to splurge a bit.

And when it comes to ankle boots, you have lots of choices: of course, regular leather booties without heels are more practical than cute but they are still timeless and look good with almost any outfit; but ankle boots with heels are incredibly stylish no matter the season of the year: since they are stylish themselves, they don’t ever go out of fashion (so wearing high heeled ankle boots in Winter gives you bonus points for fashion and stylism).

So, if you are worried about the super cute ankle boots you bought last year being frowned upon this Winter, don’t be: they are just as cute now as they used to be last year and everyone is going to be jealous of how fashionable yet cozy you look.