Benefits of Mobile Fuel Tanks

There appears to be a growing craze for mobile fuel tanks in Australia. Instead of stationary tanks, petrol and diesel pump owners prefer movable models. Although the stationary version has been in existence for decades, the mobile model is quickly gaining popularity. Let’s find out the reason for the new trend.


What are mobile fuel tanks?

In simple words, they’re diesel or petrol tanks that come with a standard 40 feet or 20 feet container, an inner storage tank, an oil discharging pump, a fuel dispenser, a switch box, an alarm system, oil unloading pipelines, ball halves, oil filling pipelines, and a liquid level meter. So, why are these tanks used widely? Here are the reasons for using these movable containers.


Easy installation

The biggest concern associated with fuel tanks is installation. The time and labor involved can take a heavy toll on your life. Mobile tanks, on the other hand, are easy to install. You can finish the installation task within a couple of hours.


Portability and safety

Diesel and petrol tanks stay exposed to numerous dangers all the time. In case of a fire outbreak, you can’t move the stationary tank, which could lead to a major accident and losses. Mobile tanks, on the other hand, can be easily shifted during unfortunate times, thus rendering safety.



The costs of land and rental charges are increasing day by day. People make attempts to bring down the cost by using minimal space. Mobile tanks take up a small place. So, you can start a fueling station without using too much land.



Buying stationary tanks can be a costly affair. Mobile tanks, however, are cost-effective. Even businessmen with a small budget can buy a couple of tanks to get started.


Final thoughts

Mobile fuel tanks present a slew of benefits. Ease of installation, safety, portability, affordability, and minimal space-occupancy are the premium perks of buying mobile containers. For these reasons, most businesses prefer these tanks over others.