Do farm sheds add value to rural property?

Many people have a rural property which is a farm or holiday home. In some cases, people will prefer to invest in a home in a rural area, since it will cost far less than property in a city or town. Like other property owners, the owner of the rural property would like to enhance the property with improvements. One of the popular improvements is a farm shed. So the property owner may ask the question will a farm sheds made locally add value to your rural property, and would like to find out the different options available so that he can take the right decision.



There are many benefits of adding a farm shed to a rural property. There are a large number of tools, fertilizers, seeds, planting material and other supplies which are used in the rural property. Keeping these items inside the main house will increase the clutter in the house. It is also inconvenient to carry the items to the house for storage when they are not being used, and retrieve this items when required, since most homes only have one door. If the items are stored in the farm shed, the storage space in the property is greatly increased, so the main house will be less cluttered.

Shed type

Though there are multiple benefits of adding a shed, the addition to the value of the property depends to a large extent on the type of shed. In some cases the property owner may prefer to purchase a prefabricated shed. This shed is available online and offline for a low cost. The different components of the shed are supplied in a kit form along with instructions for assembly. The property owner or hired staff can usually assemble the prefab shed within one day. In case of property sale, the shed is considered the personal property of the property owner, since he can dismantle the shed and carry it away. So the prefab shed will not add much value to the property.

In other cases, the property owner may decide to construct a shed with a foundation, which is more permanent. For this the shed owner will have to get the permission from the local government authority. Construction of this farm shed is also likely to be more expensive and take more time. The property owner will usually have to pay taxes for this farm shed along with the house he has constructed. So in these cases, the construction of the farm shed will typically add value to the rural property when it is located, though the exact value will depend on multiple factors.


Other factors

Some of the other factors which determine the additional value of the farm shed are the overall size of the rural property and the shed size. It is observed that for smaller properties, if the size of the shed is significant when compared to the size of the home, it will increase the value significantly. For larger properties, the value of an additional farm shed is comparatively less. The value of the farm shed also depends on the shed and how well the shed is being maintained.