How To Plan Your Landscape Design

What is landscape design?
  • Landscape design is about working on the natural features of the terrain to create space that is both functional and beautiful. It is about using ones intelligence and creativity to enhance a natural space and add beauty, order, and function to it.
There are a number of factors to consider in landscape design — what is already there, namely, the landscape; and how you want to improve it, that’s what is landscape design or landscaping.
You can alter the landscape or terrain physically — level out mounds, dig ditches, or add and remove rocks and pebbles. You can add or remove plants and trees, or place a new carpet of grass to replace what is there. You can build a shrine, an arch, a man-made waterfall, a nook or shelter. It all depends of how you want to improve the appearance of the terrain.
A particular theme gives unity to your landscape design. A color theme for your flowering plants. A spiritual theme for your structures. All parts of your landscape design must relate to each other. Nothing should unnecessarily stand out unless it was intended to as a showcase or a point of convergence.  Draw inspiration from some of the best garden landscaping in Melbourne.
You may want to make a shrine a point of convergence or showcase; or a viewing deck. All parts of your landscape design should move towards your showcase, in proportion and harmony. If it is summer time, it might be good to fill your yard with lush greens and bright flowering plants. But your main showcase would be your outdoor wooden deck where you and your friends would gather for drinks.
Light up your outdoor at night.
Your goal in landscape design is to recreate space to give you peace and serenity, a place to relax and ease your mind. This is why it is important to carefully plan your landscape design.