Is Bitcoin Accepted in Australia?

Spending your Bitcoin is a lot easier than you think. There may have been some restrictions when Cryptocurrencies first became a thing a decade ago, but today, most countries and their governments have developed flexible policies that allow cryptocurrencies to be spent within the country. Is Bitcoin accepted in Australia? That’ll depend on what you want to buy.


Technically, the Australian dollar is the only acceptable legal tender within the boundaries of buy bitcoin Australia. However certain exchanges make spending all your acquired bitcoin possible. For example, gold might not be a legal tender, but you should be able to pay for certain products with it, or by using an exchange service. Today, lots of Australian businesses accept Bitcoin payments.


Places That Accept Bitcoin Payments in Australia

  • Luxury Properties: Some real estates now have private listing of their property which can be purchased with Bitcoins, and reports of other cryptocurrency down payments for properties are not unheard of.


  • Cars Dealerships: if you’re into iconic vehicles like Ferrari and Lamborghini, there are now car dealerships in Australia that allow you pay for them with Bitcoin. If you’ve had some sitting in a wallet some where, get spending.


  • Education: world wide, lots of universities accept cryptocurrencies as school fee payments. In Australia, some universities like Flinders University allow you make payments in any of their multiple campuses with bitcoin.


  • Supermarkets: you can now go grocery shopping with your bitcoin wallet information. The Independent Grocers of Australia, made up of more than 1400 retailers across the country, just joined the league of stores accepting bitcoin. They’re all equipped with TravelbyBit’s POS – originally intended for cryptocurrency payment in the travel industry, now usable in shops nationwide.


The world of Cryptocurrency is dynamic and ever evolving. With POS services like TravelbyBit, you can expect more businesses to accept your hard earned/mined/purchased cryptocurrency without difficulty.