Most common causes of fire

Small fires happen alot in Australia. This is why we must be very cautious to prevent any untoward incident to happen to our family members and our home. These are some uncommon causes of fire that we should always look out for to prevent fire disasters.

Weird & Uncommon Causes

If you or someone else smokes weed or cigarettes in your home, keep in mind that a cigarette or joint can start because the cigarette is not put out completely.  Also ensure that no embers from your Bongs fall onto something flamabale as this could start a house fire.


Kitchen Fires

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the most common place of residential fires as it contains many hazardous utilities. Look out for the common combination of open fire, grease, electricity, and water which can be very hazardous. The most common kitchen fire is from grease, usually caused by fry pans. Some of the less dangerous fires are dry cooking fires and oven fires. They are usually easy to control and they not likely to cause major damage.


Fire in the Bedroom

If you live in a cold climate and have a space heater in your bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter) make sure they are not placed near linen, clothes, curtains, and other flammable items. If you have children, another common bedroom fire can be caused them playing with matches and lighters. This usually occurs in closets, and under beds where there are a lot of items that catch fire easily.


Getting Warm by the Fireplace

It is important to a screen or glass door in front of your fireplace to prevent sparks from flying into the room and causing a fire. Chimney fires should be your main concern if you have a fireplace. Creosote can build up in the chimney over time and can easily ignite. Clean your chimney once a year to prevent this dangerous fire hazard  The small flame of a candle can have serious consequences, and most candle related fires are from candles that fall over due to improper holders or placement.  Kids can also cause fire. A kid’s curiosity of a box of match or a lighter might and as reported in many fire cases, cause fire. Keep matches and lighters in places out of the reach of young children.  Cooking stoves that are forgotten will also cause fire. A gas leak from a gas pipe of gas tank is very dangerous therefore you should always make sure that you cooking appliances are safe to use and that there are no leaks.


Fireworks also contribute to home fires. This is very dangerous if improperly used may start fires after landing on flammable material. This is why fireworks are generally banned for public use. Professionals are allowed to create fireworks display but with certain restrictions by the law. People are still able to use fireworks but only those with limited explosive materials are available for sale to the public. Even so, these fireworks still pose a danger of fire especially when kids are playing with them without adult supervision