What Is A Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic risk assessments at work must be done to ensure a healthful work environment. A happy, healthful office encourages fantastic work culture, job satisfaction and hopefully growth levels will be increased.

How To Perform Your Own Ergonomic Risk Assessments in Brisbane

Here are a few risk assessment examples and easy steps to performing your very own ergonomic risk evaluation of your workplace.

Observe Work Habits – Observe your work habits and workstations. Suss out areas which could cause possible harm by asking questions. Is it too glaring? Do my employees deal with shadows due to the incorrect position of the overhead lighting at the office? Are there too much clutter beneath the desk? Is the monitor not centered? Are the chairs too low for the desk? Are they functioning too long on the pc without taking a break? What type of keyboard or mouse are they using? Do the office chairs offer the right back support? Are they sitting in a proper posture in the computer? Are their workstations too cramped with files?

You will probably need to organize a few of the files to be stored in a bigger storage cabinet, away from their workstations.

Ask for Feedback – Ask your workers if they’re facing any problems like back pain, neck pain, sore wrists. Then observe their workstations to see if these issues are caused by a monitor that’s too low, a chair with inadequate armrests.